It’s Time

Current setting: Orlando International Airport

I got an email yesterday warning me of the construction, back ups, and delays due to it. My naturally anxious personality initially thought “great, something else to worry about.” Thankfully my mom, who is naturally early to everything, was taking me to the airport this AM so I knew getting here on time wouldn’t be an issue.

Surprisingly, it only took about a half hour to get through the security mess, on the tram, and to my gate. So here I sit. That’s okay though, I’ve got about an hour to kill before we start boarding, headphones in and thoughts racing from one to the next. 

I’ve actually thought about this moment for the last four years… the moment when I realize that everything that I’ve worked my ass for is coming alive and are no longer just thoughts or goals anymore. I’m sure I still can’t fathom what I am really about to get myself into, but I’m trying…running through the motions of it I guess. 

The beginning of a new chapter is an opportune time to re-develop onself… to fix the things that one may not appreciate about themselves, to improve the things that can be improved on, and to re-create an image that they are proud of. Though this can be happening all along, daily, no matter what is going on…the start of a new chapter makes the adjustment and change toward something/someone new a bit easier to comprehend I guess.

I will change. I will adapt. I will adjust. I will meet new people. I will go through shit that I have no idea is coming. I will study hard for something and fail it. I will offend patients. I will make a wrong decision and kill patients. I will struggle through this entire journey. And I can guarantee that by the time that this is all over and I’m where I want to be, I will be a different person. But that’s okay. I will be stronger. I will be better. I will be smarter and wiser. I will have developed. I will have adjusted. But I will still be the same Amanda that everyone knows and some have grown to love, appreciate, and support. I will still feel things deeply. I will use this to drive and motivate me. I will 
So I welcome this new journey with open arms. Slowly, because I am still a nervous wreck and hesitant and moving sucks and all that BS, but, now is as good a time as ever. 

I have had the most incredible life so far, but especially in the last 4.5 years. I have developed relationships with the most amazing people. I have seen the most amazing things. I have experienced the most incredible moments. I have traveled. I have learned so much. I have became someone I’m proud of. But it’s time to move on to the next part of my life.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, in any way, along the way. I promise to keep you updated throughout everything. 



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