Blahh mood; here are my motivating thoughts for the day.

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I figured I’d come and try and get ahead of things. I needed to get out of my empty apartment. It’s so boring right now. All of my stuff like my lights and pictures and frames and things are all in Florida still. They will be here next week but shit man I feel like I’m on vacation and just taking over someone’s empty space. LOL at me when reality hits me.

Yesterday I spent the day around school, trying to learn the ins and outs of the medical school campus, the labs that I will be spending a lot of time in, and the undergrad campus just for shits and giggles beacause it’s super cool and why not?! I recalled one of the reasons that I fell in love with this place in the first place…. the motivation that I feel just walking around. I also remembered the importance of a strong, confident handshake as I met lots of people yesterday. I think I should work on that.

I don’t think there’s a single place in the world full of more motivated, intelligent, and successful people. Well, maybe Wall Street, but I think that’s a very different end of the spectrum. There is something SO moving about sitting in a room of people tuned into their own music, reading their own books, taking their own notes, and working their way to their own goals. It’s incredible. Dreams come true here.

With that being said… I got to thinking… the people who are here, getting educated, taking classes, making their way through all of this (whether they are around my age, younger, or older), how did they get here? Where did they start? Why did they choose to do things here? Did mommy and daddy make them and pay for them? Did their parents come here? Did they just want to beat the norm or do they just love Boston?

I think the motivation to reach your goals in such a strong, important way begins very early on in childhood. I remember sitting at USF and legitimately being annoyed when I saw a group of kids no older than the age of 13 running through the student center and crowding the food court more than it already was. I never understood why someone would think that it’s a good idea to bring a bunch of kids to a college campus…until now.

I walk around Cambridge and Longwood Medical Area and I am surrounded by students of all ages, professors, doctors, nurses, fellows, research gurus, and the list goes on…but you see my point. These people, they’re progressive. Every day, they attend their commitments, whether it be something as simple as an anthropology class to something as difficult as back-to-back surgeries with barely enough time to empty a bladder, and each day– they get a little closer to whatever it they are trying to do… save more lives, become a doctor, become an accountant, become an author, become a singer, WHATEVER. No matter what that end goal is, they’re here, they’re working at it, and it’s incredible to be surrounded by it. The earlier I saw things like this, the sooner I would have been motivated to do more, to do better, and to become successful as soon as I possibly could.

Sure..this sort of environment exists all over the world. People are constantly progressing and trying to better themselves and get to that end goal. It’s probably just as incredible every where else. But I don’t know…there’s something about being here that just makes different.  Harvard is the oldest university in the United States and I think that that adds so much icing on the cake and makes it all a bit more special. Think about how many people attended this university for undergrad or for a form of grad school like myself, took courses, got degrees/certifications/doctorates (or didn’t), and bettered the world. It’s motivational. It’s inspirational. It’s beautiful (physically and mentally). It’s about being part of this spectacular way of progression, education, and motivation to become better every single day. With that being said… it doesn’t matter if you come here, or you go somewhere completely different, as long as you’re engaging in an environment in which you can not only thrive in, but also progress in.

I’m so glad my parents were on my ass for my entire life about my grades otherwise who knows where I would be at right now or what I was doing. My motivation to do all of this started later than it should have. I often think about what I would have been able to achieve had I known from an earlier age what I was capable of and what the world had to offer. The motivation to achieve greatness should be starting early on, before high school. It didnt hit me until after high school and halfway through my undergraduate journey. Really, I think that it started in perfect timing. I wasn’t behind, I wasn’t failing, I wasn’t distracted yet… everything just kind of hit. Now I’m fortunate enough to be attending medical school in what is known to be the most prestigious program in the country. But what if I got motivated 5 years earlier? Would I have been here for undergrad? Would I have hundreds of publications and be halfway to developing some new machine to use in the OR to save time and improve bad outcomes? There were some physicians on my ass every single day, telling me to not settle and showing me what I should have realized so long ago. But that’s what did it for me. I think we all need that push.

I strongly encourage everyone and anyone to walk around any “university town” one day– your own, someone else’s, one far or one near… take in the images and scenes around you. Everything is beautiful. People are happy. They’re learning. They’re progressing. They’re improving their lives so that they can improve others. It’s never too early to start the motivation and determination to become greater than you may ever give yourself the ability to imagine or achieve otherwise.


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